For Staff

HEFCE consultation on public information about higher education

Q 1: Are the three key purposes of public information outlined in paragraph 42 still appropriate? If not, what additional or alternative purposes should a public information set seek to address?

Q 2: Do you think the KIS fulfils our objective of providing the information students have identified as useful, in a place they look for it, in a standardised and complete manner?

Q 3: Do you agree that links should be provided to the KIS from the UCAS web-site?

Q 4: Given that we want the production of the KIS to be as efficient as possible, are there particular administrative or logistical issues which the pilot phase should consider?

Q 5: Should the information set to be published on institutional web-sites (shown at Annex F) include short, up-to-date employability statements for prospective students, in addition to information about links with employers?

Q 6: Does Annex F set out the right information items for inclusion in the wider published information set (subject to agreement on the inclusion of employability statements as proposed in Question 5)? If you think items should be added/removed, please tell us about them.

Q 7: Do you agree that the list of items for the information set should be maintained on HEFCE's web-site and updated as necessary on advice from HEPISG and QHE Group?

Q 8: Do you agree that student unions should be able to nominate one optional question bank in their institution's NSS each year?

Q 9: Do you have any other comments on the proposals in this document, or further suggestions for what we might do?

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