For Staff

Academic Activity Profiles

Teaching, learning and research data for individual staff members has been produced as a matter of course for many years to help heads of school plan and manage academic activity.

Following two debates on the issue, Senate has agreed that this information should be produced consistently and made available to all academics in each school.

The point is transparency - staff will now see this information; beforehand they did not.

Academic profiles have been raised several times over the last 18 months in meetings with UCU; the union's officers were even included in a working group at the outset, and UCU were invited to join the subsequent pilot steering group.  It is not true that there has been no consultation.

The charge that these profiles are being generated to 'pre-select for redundancy' is nonsense; if that was their purpose, then why make them public?

The UCU has demanded that we abandon academic activity profiles, as they claim that we have introduced them without consultation. This is simply not true, as detailed above. We are not convinced that they should be abandoned, as this would not be in the interests of transparency.

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