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Research Transformed

Research and innovation at the University of Leeds is outstanding, and something that we are rightly proud of.

But the research landscape is constantly evolving. Externally, there is increasing policy and political focus on solutions-orientated research, which is re-shaping the funding landscape alongside the political fallout of changes to overseas development assistance (ODA) funding, Brexit etc.  

On top of that, the shock waves from the Covid-19 pandemic have widened inequalities and created social and economic challenges that will take years to address. 

Our new University strategy places a premium on identifying our research strengths and then collaborating across disciplines to push the boundaries of knowledge. 

Research Transformed is a chance for our University community to put our research onto a secure, strategically aligned footing that will enable us to thrive into the future. 

Research Transformed brings together five workstreams that are already underway: 

  1. Academic development and performance
  2. Horizon scanning
  3. Research culture
  4. Research efficiency and sustainability 
  5. Metric analysis 

You can find out more about these workstreams by watching the recording of our Research Transformed events or reading the Inside Track | Research Transformed – key things to know

Find out more about Research Transformed

We’ll be sharing more information about the five Research Transformed workstreams, the Horizons Institute and the Futures Institutes soon. You can also email your comments, ideas or questions to


Values-led research recognised

Teams behind two projects promoting positive change have been honoured for their outstanding efforts.

Inspirational initiatives improving lives

Empowering people to create a more equitable world has seen the teams behind two pioneering projects honoured.

Celebrating successful change and innovation

Developing innovative ideas to enable world-changing research has resulted in official recognition for two highly successful projects.

Pioneering projects honoured

Developing a community of trusted collaborators to enable world-changing research has seen pioneering projects receive coveted accolades.

Celebrating world-changing collaboration

Excellent examples of open and collaborative research tackling real-world problems have been officially recognised.

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