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What is DARE?

DARE is a pioneering partnership between the University and Opera North.

In 2007, Opera North and the University committed to work together to deliver an outstanding and challenging programme, which leads cultural thought, learning and practice.

Our vision is to be the leading partnership between higher education and the performing arts, with a regional, national and international reputation for excellence.

Our mission is to help build resilient cultural and higher education sectors by delivering innovative research, public engagement and skills development, in collaboration with partners from within and outside our organisations.

What does DARE do?

We work together on four areas:

  • Research – creating new knowledge and practice in the arts by connecting academic research with cultural ambition

DARE More. October 2018


  • Skills development – cultivating arts practitioners fit for the future through new models of practice-based learning and professional development.

DARE More. October 2018


  • Public engagement connecting audiences, practitioners and learners through dynamic programmes and events.

DARE More. October 2018


  • Collaboration – bringing sectors, organisations and audiences together to collaborate with national and international impact

DARE More. October 2018

DARE podcast: Thinking with opera

DARE’s podcast series, Thinking with Opera, is now live. Each episode features a University of Leeds academic exploring the world of opera and its component parts.

The Thinking with Opera promotional image. July 2020.

The first episode, Performing Violence, features Holberg Prize winner Professor Griselda Pollock talking to Opera North’s Dominic Gray about the representation of violence in painting, sculpture, film and literature – and how it is performed in opera.

Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Opera North’s Spotify page.

Opportunities to get involved

Opera North tickets offer for staff

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Lunchtime Salons 

Are you interested in having a very informal conversation at Opera North about your area of expertise during a lunchtime? Come along and spend 15 minutes talking about your research, followed by a discussion with Opera North staff. This is a new project we are excited to get underway in 2018/19. Please get in touch using the contact details below if you are interested in taking part in a Lunchtime Salon.

Opportunities for students to get involved

Student Engagement

We provide opportunities for students to observe rehearsals, engage with live projects on a diverse range of topics and offer talks with Opera North practitioners and staff. Please get in touch using the contact details below if you are interested in exploring these opportunities with your students.

Get in touch 

Visit the DARE website for further information on the DARE Partnership. Have a look at the things we have been doing on our News and Events page.

Email DARE if you have any suggestions, ideas or would like to engage with any of the opportunities outlined above or on our website.

Opera North

Opera North is a national opera company based in Leeds, and is a leading UK arts organisation. It creates extraordinary experiences every day, using music and opera to entertain, engage, challenge and inspire. It believes opera and music is for everyone, and champions diversity in artists, repertoire and audiences.

Opera North performs at the Leeds Grand Theatre in New Briggate, the Howard Assembly Room (inside the Grand Theatre) and Leeds Town Hall, as well as at other venues and locations across the city.

Contact the box office on 0113 223 3600 or email Opera North for further information.



Discounted staff tickets to Opera North's DARE events

Opera North, as part of their partnership with Leeds, are offering free tickets to staff for a DARE Symposium, as well as discounted entry to a DARE Liberty Lecture.

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Register as a DARE More member and receive 20% off weekday opera tickets throughout the 2021-22 season.

Save up to 50% on Opera North tickets

As part of our longstanding partnership with Opera North, DARE members can receive up to 50% off tickets* for a selection of shows in the upcoming 2020/21 season.

Big savings on Opera North tickets

Sign up for DARE membership to save up to 50 per cent on ticket prices for Opera North’s winter productions.

Celebrate Our Staff – December 2019

Here we celebrate our colleagues’ achievements across the University this past month.

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