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Bragg Centre for Materials Research

The Bragg Centre for Materials Research aims to discover, create, characterise and exploit materials engineered at the atomic and molecular level. 

It brings together scientists and engineers to work from fundamental and blue-sky research to industrial innovation. 

The Centre supports a highly interdisciplinary and international community, which has at its heart collaboration with industry and other universities to deliver new scientific insights and impact, and to attract and retain some of the world’s best researchers in materials science. 

It is underpinned by an excellent suite of advanced experimental facilities, many of which are unique to Leeds. 

The Centre is also host to the University’s involvement with the UK’s Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials, of which Leeds was a founder member. 

The research themes are:

  • Analytical Science
  • Bionanotechnology
  • Electronic, Photonic and Magnetic Materials
  • Functional Surfaces
  • Multiscale Materials; and
  • Soft Matter. 

Join us

Bragg Centre Membership is FREE and open to any University of Leeds staff member or PhD/Masters student conducting or contributing to research from an academic or technical perspective, whose interests align with the vision of the Centre.

Why become a member?

The Bragg Centre will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • build your professional profile and be associated with an internationally-renowned materials research centre
  • network, collaborate and socialise with materials researchers from all Faculties involved in the Centre
  • contribute to setting the strategic direction of the Bragg Centre for the benefit of its members, including involvement in decisions on future support infrastructure, equipment and facilities
  • have access to dedicated Bragg Centre research and innovation support, as well as communications support to promote and translate research to fellow academics and stakeholders
  • access the Bragg Centre’s network, spanning business, government and academia
  • be directly invited to Centre events – meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences
  • receive updates about recent publications, funding and employment opportunities
  • apply for Bragg funding for interdisciplinary PhDs and other research projects and related activities, when available; and
  • enhance personal development through training, knowledge and skills sharing. 

Bragg Centre members should be:

  • conducting research related to one or more of the Bragg Centre themes and have an ongoing interest in this area of research
  • interested in working in an interdisciplinary manner, or building on already existing cross-campus collaborations
  • willing, where appropriate, to promote the Bragg Centre internally and externally
  • committed to attending Bragg Centre events, including seminars and annual meetings; and
  • committed, if required, to contributing material for the Bragg Centre website, annual report and other communications, as appropriate. 

Membership categories

There are three categories of Bragg Centre membership:

  1. Member – those whose research falls directly within one of the research themes
  2. Student member – PhD or Masters student working within one of the research themes
  3. Associate member – those whose research does not fall directly within one of the research themes, but who work closely with those who do and/or who draw upon the Bragg Centre’s technology platform. 

Applying for membership

Please fill in the online form to apply for membership.

Terms and conditions

  • Your application will be reviewed by the Bragg Centre Steering Group, which meets monthly.
  • There will be no opportunity for appeal if your membership is declined or if you are offered associate membership rather than membership.
  • Those who are declined membership or allocated associate membership status may reapply after six months. 
  • Members, student members or associate members can at any time leave the Bragg Centre, should they no longer wish to be a part. 
  • If members wish to change their status from one category of membership to another, a new application should be made via this the process outlined above. 
  • Anyone leaving the University will automatically no longer be a member of the Bragg Centre.
  • Membership will be reviewed every two years to assess compliance with the obligations of membership (such as engagement in events). 

More information

Email the Bragg Centre if you would like further information, or are not a University member of staff or postgraduate student but would like to know how you can still get involved.


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