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The Technicians’ Network at the University of Leeds is run for technicians, by technicians and we welcome involvement from all technical staff.

In 2018 the University pledged to support the Technician Commitment for any technical staff based in faculties. The Technician Commitment is a university and research institution initiative, that aims to ensure visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians working in higher education and research, across all disciplines.

The University of Leeds employs nearly 400 technicians, based in faculties (both on and off campus) who provide a variety of specialist skills and knowledge that enhances the teaching and research capabilities of our institution. There are also technical staff based in the Facilities Directorate and IT teams.

The Technicians’ Network aims to support the technical community through regular networking activities, Technically Speaking news articles and regular communication. Technicians are welcome to join our TEAMS Technicians’ Network.

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Contact your faculty Technician Champion

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures

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Faculty of Biological Sciences

Jennie Hibbard –

Faculty of Environment

Miles Ratcliffe –

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Dave Elliott –

Faculty of Medicine and Health

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Professional registration and HEA Fellowships

Recognise your expertise through a formal route either through Professional Registration or HEA Fellowship.

The University of Leeds is a Science Council Employer Champion. Through this scheme we aim to provide support for technicians who wish to apply for Professional Registration.

Professional Registration

Members of the Technicians' Network outside the Great Hall.

This is an independent recognition of an individual’s professional achievements, skills and knowledge with an emphasis on continued development.

Application for Professional Registration is made either through an online form or face-to-face meeting, each route requires providing evidence. Membership of a suitable professional body is also required as well as maintaining your Continual Professional Development (CPD). Guidance and advice is available throughout the application process.

Previously the University has been able to contribute up to £150 for initial registration and membership fees. Please contact your local Technician Champion to find out if financial support is currently available.

Join our TEAM - Technicians Network to discover hints and tips provided by technical staff who have professionally registered.

HEA Fellowships

The University can provide support and guidance for technicians wishing to apply for a HEA Fellowship. These are available to anyone involved in teaching whether in a formal setting or providing training to postgraduate students.

The Technician Commitment at the University of Leeds

Please view our Technician Commitment Action Plans below, and the accompanying Review letters from the Technicians Commitment Steering Board:

The University have appointed a Technician Commitment Steering Group who have oversight of all Technician Commitment activities. The Steering Group is made up from technical managers, technician representatives, academics, Human Resources representatives and Organisational Development and Professional Learning representatives. The Steering Group has a direct reporting line to the University Executive Group.

All activities are co-ordinated by the Technician Commitment Working Group. This group is the interface with the technical community and is made up of Technician Champions, technical managers, other interested technical staff and representatives from Organisational Development and Professional Learning. The working group co-ordinates all communication and networking activities.

We encourage technicians to take advantage of our HEATeD and NTDC membership, and the training and networking opportunities they provide.

Full details of membership of these groups is described in the Self-Assessment and Progress document above from the 31 March 2021.

Technically Speaking

TechExchange 2021

The first virtual conference for technicians at Leeds was held in September.

Technician Commitment Update – Fantastic feedback from Peer Review!

The Technician Commitment Steering Group are delighted to report the positive feedback they have received from their recent self-assessment exercise.

Institute of Science and Technology Virtual Technical Conference 2020

This year the IST conference took place virtually. Angela Beddows tells us more….

Royal Society of Chemistry Technician - launch event

A report by Stephen Reid from a Royal Society of Chemistry event that took place before we were in lockdown.

Royal Institution Christmas Lecture Placement 2020

Helena Brown, a technician from the Faculty of Environment tells us about her amazing experience working on the Royal Institute Christmas Lectures.

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