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Reform of Statute VII

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25 May 2018:

The University has been working for some time to reform Statute VII and its related Ordinances, which set out the procedures that apply to academic and academic related (professional & managerial) staff at the University for the resolution of grievances, and for dismissal, removal from office and redundancy. 

In May 2017, following extensive consultation with the University and College Union, the University Council (our governing body) approved the proposed changes which, according to the University’s Charter, were forwarded to Privy Council for final approval.  Privy Council has now confirmed that, following further scrutiny, it has approved the changes to Statute VII.

The approved Statute VII and related Ordinances, XX to XXVII, will replace the existing version of Statute VII and Ordinances XX, XXI, XXII.  This will be implemented from 1 January 2019, at which point any references to Statute VII or (previous Statutes XIV or XV) in contracts of employment and related policies, will refer to the revised Statute VII, and to the relevant Ordinance. All these employment procedures can be accessed via the HR website.

Although the majority of staff will not be involved in these procedures throughout their employment with us, the procedures regarding discipline, dismissal and grievance that relate to your employment (plus arrangements for associated appeals) can be found on the HR website.

The changes that are being introduced ensure that our employment procedures reflect the developments that have been made to employment legislation since the current Statute was introduced over 25 years ago, and meet the higher standards of good practice that now exist, in keeping with the ACAS code of practice. They are designed to be readily understandable, transparent, and to ensure fair and timely decisions are reached following thorough consideration of issues. They also provide greater protections for the principle of academic freedom.

We are keen to ensure fair and consistent treatment for all staff. To support this aim we are introducing various sources of support prior to implementing the new procedures. These include: 

  • developing clear guidance for all colleagues who may be involved in conduct or capability proceedings, or in raising or managing a grievance; 
  • training for those who may be involved in supporting performance; and
  • training for those who may be involved in investigating or hearing complex cases.

If you have any queries concerning these changes please contact your Faculty or Service HR Manager in the first instance.

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