Learning and Teaching Partnership Agreement

Professor Vivien Jones, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Student Education, has called on all staff to contribute to a review of the learning and teaching partnership agreement, which is now five years old.

Higher student tuition fees and raised student expectations could change the relationship between staff and students, introducing a consumer approach from students.  Professor Jones says, "We need to start preparing for the future, and I would like staff and students to engage in conversations about what we need to do."

A revised draft of the agreement has been drawn up for discussion, and Professor Jones has suggested that staff could consider:

  • Does the partnership agreement define the relationship between staff and students appropriately?
  • Is the language right and accessible?
  • How can the design be improved?
  • Is anything missing from the agreement?
  • Will this be relevant in 2012?
  • How could we use the agreement?
  • How could we put the agreement into action and bring it to life?

LUU is leading discussions with students, and the agreement will also be considered at faculty learning and teaching committees and by the Taught Student Education Board.

All Heads of School have now received details of the timetable for making contributions to the discussion, with a view to taking the revised draft agreement to the Senate in May.

Read the learning and teaching partnership agreement

Read the draft revised agreement

If you have any questions about the consultation or would like to email comments directly to Learning and Teaching Support, please email Chris Warrington, c.j.warrington@leeds.ac.uk

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