For Staff

Leeds appointments to the REF 2014 Units of Assessment

Main Panel A:

Prof Phil Quirke, UOA 1, Clinical Medicine

Prof Dawn Freshwater - UOA 3, Allied Health Professions, Dentistry,Nursing and Pharmacy

Prof Eric Dickinson - UOA6, Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Science

Main Panel B:

Prof Paul Wignall UOA 7, Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences

Prof Chris Jones, UOA 10, Mathematical Sciences

Prof Tony Cohn, UOA 11, Computer Science and Informatics

Dr Martin Tillotson, UOA 14, Civil and Construction Engineering

Prof Anne Neville, UOA 15, General Engineering

Main Panel C:

Prof Phil Rees, UOA 17, Geography, Environment Studies and Archaeology

Prof Richard Thorpe, UOA 19, Business and Management Studies

Prof Adam Crawford, UOA 20, Law

Prof Nick Ellison, UOA 22, Social Work and Social Policy

Main Panel D:

Prof Vivien Jones, UOA 29, English Literature and Language

Prof Kim Knott, UOA 33, Theology and Religious Studies

Dr Sita Popat, UOA 35, Music, Drama, Dance and Performing Arts

Prof Steve Bottoms, UAO 35, Music etc as above

Prof David Hesmondhalgh, UOA 36, Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information Management

In addition Kathy Aveyard (Equality and Diversity  Manager) is serving on HEFCE's REF Equality and Diversity Advisory Group and Michelle Double (Research Support) is Panel Adviser to REF Main Panel C and its sub-panels.