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Recycling for Student Education: Open Educational Resources

Carole Kirk talks about the use of OERs to enrich the student experience.

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The University of Leeds' position on Open Educational Resources (Dr Neil Morris, Chair of Blended Learning and Learning Technology Innovation Group) (recording from Embedding Open Educational Resources institutionally HEA seminar at the University of Leeds, 24 January 2013)

Open Education Resources at the University of Leeds (Professor Vivien Jones, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Student Education) (recording from Embedding Open Educational Resources institutionally HEA seminar at the University of Leeds, 24th January 2013)

Open educational resources (OERs) are learning and teaching materials that are freely available online for anyone to use.  OERs can consist of full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, videos, tests, software and any other tools, materials or techniques used to support access to knowledge.

The Vice-Chancellor's Executive Group and the Taught Student Education Board (as TSEB/12-15) endorsed an institutional position and guidance on the use and publication of OERs in November 2012.  The University encourages staff and students to use, create and publish OERs to enhance the quality of the student experience, provided that resources used are fit-for purpose and relevant.

The University is developing a portal for OERs at the University of Leeds, which will provide comprehensive information about OERs at Leeds and a place to both find and publish Leeds resources.  We hope that this will be available early in 2013. In the meantime further details about OERs at Leeds can be found as follows:

Further information:

Background information on OERs at Leeds: Student Education Bulletin, Issue 6, October 2012

University position: Academic Quality and Standards Team document

Staff guidance and training : SDDU web pages

Student guidance:

Recent news about OERs at Leeds : Leeds joins partners in offering free online access to education