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UCU disputes

In the current climate of unprecedented uncertainty and upheaval, staff and students are understandably worried about what lies ahead.

We want our staff to know the facts without distortion so we are setting out here a summary of issues raised by the UCU's three ballots so our staff can make their own informed judgement.

There are five specific issues:

  • Job security
  • The March 2010 agreement
  • Pay
  • Pensions
  • Academic activity profiles

Job security

Jobs at Leeds are among the most secure in the country because our finances are sound and we have sector-leading policy and procedures for change management and restructuring. Read more

The March 2010 agreement

This 18-point 'umbrella' agreement covers the whole range of issues raised in the course of the dispute with the UCU last year, from very simple proposals (such as increasing the number of elected members of Senate) to the new policy on organisational change itself. Read more


February pay packets will include a pay rise backdated to August 2010 - and there are additional increases for those who have not reached the top of their scale. Read more


The Universities Superannuation Scheme is - and will remain - one of the best contributory schemes in the UK. As the UCU accepts, changes to the scheme are required to protect the scheme and safeguard the pensions of its members now and into the future. Read more

Academic Activity Profiles

Academic Activity Profiles will provide consistent information, following two Senate debates. Read more

Read more on our response to the UCU's disputes:

University position on UCU local ballot for industrial action

VC's blog of 28 January - The way ahead


Issues raised by UCU

The University has published a statement responding to claims made in a leaflet sent by the UCU to its members on 16 May.

Industrial action - advice for students

The following email advising students of the University's arrangements for Wednesday 30 November was sent out on Friday 25 November.

Industrial action by the UCU

The University Secretary has issued advice to deans, heads of schools, heads of services and other units on arrangements to deal with the impact of industrial action on Wednesday 30 November.

UCU recommend international academic boycott ballot

The UCU have just announced a consultation to establish an international academic boycott of the University.

UCU industrial action

On Friday 7 October Leadership forum was issued with the following guidance on the industrial action being taken by UCU from Monday 10 October.

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