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Welcome to Spotlight, a series of videos and articles showcasing new and innovative activities in student education and research at the University of Leeds. Spotlight is a joint venture between SDDU and For Staff.

Spotlight continues with a focus on social media. Over the next few weeks you will be able to hear from existing practitioners around the University who are using social media to support their work in student education and research.

Spotlight on Social Media
Recycling for Student Education: Open Educational Resources


Hear about using social media for research and networking

Professor Liane Benning discusses use of Twitter (and other research-related social media platforms) to share research, access information and extend networks in a new Spotlight video.

Using technology to demonstrate impact

The Transport Systems Hub will talk about how innovative uses of technology can be used to deliver research impact at a seminar on Wednesday 1 May 2013.

Spotlight on social media

Engagement with social media is widespread and the University recognises that professional use of social media can play a valuable role in teaching, research and communication.

Enriching the student experience using OERs

Carole Kirk talks about her use of open educational resources in a new video loaded to the Spotlight OERs page.

Getting students involved with Open Educational Resources

Dave Lewis talks about how he gets his students involved in searching for and sharing Open Educational Resources (OERs) in a new video loaded to the Spotlight OERs page.

Student-made Open Educational Resources

Antonio Martínez-Arboleda talks about his students making and sharing their own Open Educational Resources in a new video loaded to the Spotlight page on OERs.

Step-by-step video tutorials

Carole Kirk talks about her video tutorials on the Open Educational Resources page of the Spotlight section of For Staff.

Open Educational Resources in FBS

Two new videos have been added to the Spotlight page on Open Educational Resources (OERs) at the University.

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