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Are you a pedestrian who finds some streets in Leeds or Glasgow difficult? The Inclusive Public Space research team wants to hear about your experiences!

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The Inclusive Public Space Project is an international research project based at the University of Leeds. It investigates, and aims to help with, the social justice problems faced by pedestrians (particularly disabled people, older people and parents of young children) because of difficult city streets and the way law, politics and the public at large respond to these problems. Details are at

We are now looking for pedestrians who have had any kind of difficulty with streets in Leeds or Glasgow, before or since Covid-19. Examples might include problems caused by physical distancing measures; e-scooters, bicycles, silent cars; floating bus-stops, confusing or dangerous crossings, including the absence of controlled crossing-points; blockages, vegetation or trip hazards on pavements; spaces that have to be shared with traffic or which have no clear markings; poor signage, lighting, noise, fumes; driver, cyclist or pedestrian behaviour.

You can take part without leaving your home, as all interactions will be by phone or online.

Taking part involves:

  • being interviewed;
  • choosing a street journey to be filmed by a professional photographer (with the option of featuring in it); and
  • describing your experiences and their impact on you in the form of a personal story.

Interested? Please let us know by

Please get in touch so you can become part of this important project!

  • Contact: Inclusive Public Space project 0113 3436873, or 0113 3437490, or 0113 3437526, or 0113 3435054
  • Ethical approval reference number: AREA 19-004
  • Closing date for participants: 27 September 2020