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Volunteers are needed for women who want to know more about managing urine leakage.

Are you a woman aged 55 or over with urine leakage? It may happen when you cough, or you may get sudden urges to go the toilet. If you have this problem and would like to learn some strategies to manage your symptoms, our Self-Management Guide is designed for you!

This guide has been developed by a research team at the University of Leeds, working closely with women who have urinary incontinence and health professionals who provide incontinence care. If you agree to take part, you will be randomly selected to either receive the guide and a support session with our researcher or to receive the guide only 3 months later. We will help assess your self-management strategies, symptoms, confidence in managing the problem and your quality of life before and after the use of this guide. You may also be invited to talk about your experience of using this guide. There is no travel involved for you, our researcher will visit you for the support session and later discussion. We think this is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and skills on managing urine leakage.

If you are interested, please contact Dr Maggie Fu for further information via email or telephone on 0113 343 1244.

  • Contact: Dr Maggie Wing 2.24School of HealthcareUniversity of LeedsLeedsLS2 9JT
  • Ethical approval reference number: HREC 18-001
  • Closing date for participants: 31 August 2019