School of Psychology

Have you lost weight? Would you like help keeping it off?

The Human Appetite Research Unit (within the School of Psychology) are looking for participants to join a research study on reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. 

You will receive a Fitbit Charge 2 wrist worn activity meter, a set of Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales and access to a web based toolkit.

You can take part if you:

  • are 18 years or older
  • live or work in the Leeds and surrounding area and are able to travel to the University of Leeds for five visits over 18 months
  • have lost ?5% of your weight in the last 12 months
  • had a BMI of 25 and above before you lost weight
  • are still below your highest weight
  • are able to follow written and verbal information in English
  • have the ability to access the internet via Wi-Fi
  • are able to use standard bathroom standing scales

If you have not quite lost 5% of your body weight and are still interested in joining the NoHoW study, we would like to keep in touch with you over the next 12 months as you might become eligible during this time.  You can provide us with your contact details and consent to us contacting you when you complete the online eligibility form.

You will not be able to participate if you have:

  • lost weight due to illness or surgical procedures, including bariatric procedures
  • are pregnant or planning to become pregnant in the next 18 months
  • are breastfeeding
  • have been recently diagnosed with an eating disorder
  • have been diagnosed with any condition that may interfere with mild to moderate physical activities - an activity which raises your heart rate, makes you breathe faster and makes you feel warmer
  • have recently been diagnosed with Type I Diabetes
  • plan to move out of the area or undertake long-term travel for more than four weeks in the next 18 months

The study involves:

Baseline Measures; weight, height, hip and waist circumference, blood pressure and heart rate, body composition and optional blood (by finger prick) and hair samples to measure cholesterol, HbA1c and stress levels.

Questionnaires on demographics, weight loss history, health behaviours, and well-being.

After 1 week: Training on the web-based toolkit.

At 6 months: Repeating initial questionnaires and measures (not blood and hair samples).

At 12 months: Repeating initial questionnaires and measures.  You will receive a £15 Love to Shop voucher at this visit.

At 18 months: Repeating initial questionnaires and measures (not blood and hair samples). You will receive a £15 Love to Shop voucher at this visit.

On completion of the study you will be able to keep the Fitbit activity meter and scales.

The main study will be run throughout 2017 so at the moment we are just looking for expressions of interest.

If you would like to find out more please e-mail and we will send you the Participant Information Sheet.

Principal Investigator: Professor James Stubbs
Research Fellow: Sarah Scott (0113 3430622)
Research Officer: Fiona Croden (Human Appetite Research Unit 0113 3435753)
Research Assistants: Beth Pearson & Lauren Ramsey

This study has been approved by the Institute of Psychological Sciences Research Ethics Committee (Ethics Reference: 16-0243, approved on 26/09/2016).

  • Contact: Lauren Ramsey (NoHoW Research Officer): or
  • Ethical approval reference number: 16-0243
  • Closing date for participants: 01 December 2017