Institute for Transport Studies

Participate in a survey on transport and the environment and receive £25! If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone you can join our survey by taking an online survey and using a mobility app.

Your role

As a participant in this study, you will be required to complete an online survey and use a smartphone GPS travel application for two weeks (or longer if you wish).

In the online survey, you will be asked some questions about you and your transport and energy habits, both now and in the past. You will also be asked some questions about your social network. The entire survey will require approximately 30 minutes.

After completing this survey, you will receive instructions on how to download a GPS travel application to your smartphone. For each trip you make, you will receive a notification and you will have to answer some quick questions about your trip. You will not have to do this immediately but can complete your trip information during breaks or at the end of the day. This will only require a few seconds for each trip.


In order to take part in this research you need to:

  • be 18 years old or older
  • own an Android Smartphone or an iPhone (the app does not work on other types of smartphones)
  • live in the UK .


As a token of appreciation for taking part in this study, you will receive a £25 shopping voucher. This is not a prize draw but a certain reward provided you complete all the survey components and use the smartphone app as required, i.e. by answering the questions it will ask you.

You will also have the opportunity to use and keep using for the duration of our study a high-quality GPS travel application that will give you feedback about your trips and activities.

Access Code: unistaff 

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  • Contact: Thomas Hancock -
  • Ethical approval reference number: AREA 14-153
  • Closing date for participants: 09 December 2016