School of Mechanical Engineering

We are looking for people to take part in a research study on materials for vehicle interiors.

The aim of the project is to identify the properties of surfaces for vehicle interiors that elicit favourable responses from people.

In the study, participants will be asked to touch a range of surfaces. They will be asked to rate the textures and fill in a series of questionnaires.

Participants are asked to pay a visit to our laboratory, lasting about one hour. The research will take place in the Affective Engineering Laboratory in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds.

For this research, it is important that participants do not have an impaired sense of touch and no nerve damage in their hands.

Participants will be compensated for their time with £5 for each session.

  • Contact: Nook (Satthaporn) Barnes -
  • Ethical approval reference number: MEEC 15-049
  • Closing date for participants: 15 December 2016