School of Biomedical Sciences

We are looking for inactive male and female volunteers for a 4 week exercise intervention. Free assessment of health and fitness, and exercise tailored to your individual fitness level.

Does 4 weeks of interval cycling exercise improve the health of your arteries?

Recruiting now to start January 2016

We are looking for inactive healthy MALES and FEMALES who:

  • are aged 20 - 35 years OR 45 - 60 years
  • are non-smokers
  • have no medical history of asthma, diabetes or cardiovascular disease
  • exercise less than 2 days per week

You will benefit from FREE:

  • assessment of cardiovascular fitness and vascular health
  • 4-week individualized cycle exercise program

You will be invited to:

  • visit the Garstang building at the University of Leeds for two baseline assessments. Each visit will last approximately 1 hour
  • take part in 4 weeks of cycle exercise training twice per week.

The purpose of the study is to examine the natural changes that occur in the blood vessels of the arm and neck during and following differing exercise training protocols.  The research will investigate how these changes are influenced by gender and age.

Participants will be asked to attend the exercise labs for two baseline visits where upon a health screening and fitness test will be conducted.  Participants will then complete two exercise sessions per week for 4 weeks based in the exercise labs and a final follow up test.

If you meet the above criteria and have further questions or require more information please contact Gemma Lyall, 31669.

  • Contact: Gemma Lyall - Tel. 0113 343 1669
  • Ethical approval reference number: BIOSCI 15-008
  • Closing date for participants: 31 October 2016