School of Medicine

Student participants are needed for a research study at the University of Leeds looking at the health of blood vessels in relation to blood pressure and blood sugar regulation.

If you are aged 18 to 30 and are a student at the University of Leeds, we would be grateful for your help.  If you are willing to participate, you will be invited to attend for:

  • a health questionnaire
  • blood pressure measurements taken at your arm and ankle/feet
  • a simple, quick, non-invasive test of your blood vessel health (optional)
  • a blood sample (optional)

What is in it for you?

You will get to know and will be given your blood results (listed below), which aren't routinely available from your GP, unless your ill! Find out your

  • cholesterol
  • HbA1c (average blood sugar)
  • blood pressures

If you are interested in participating, or for further information, please contact:Zeyad Al-Moasseb 

Research Supervisors: Dr.K Kain/ Dr. S Wheatcroft (37745)

  • Contact: Zeyad Al-Moasseb
  • Ethical approval reference number: SoMREC/13/108
  • Closing date for participants: 30 April 2015