School of Biomedical Sciences

Can your ear control your heart? Volunteers aged 60+ needed for a study looking at the nerve control of your heart.

Did you see in the news last summer that tickling your ear might be good for your heart?

For our study we are looking at using the nerve supply that controls your heart to boost healthy heart activity. This will involve applying low-level electrical stimulation (TENS) to your ear while your heart rate and blood pressure are recorded. Nerve activity to blood vessels in the leg may also be recorded.

We are looking for healthy volunteers aged 60 and over with no medical history of heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes.

You will be asked to come to the Garstang Building at the University of Leeds at 9am for your first visit, which will last approximately one hour. Depending on the results of this first visit, you may be asked to return again for another visit to assess changes in the nerve activity in your leg as a result of the stimulation.

Eligible participants will be reimbursed £20 for any travel expenses incurred by taking part in the study.

To take part, or for further information, contact:

Aaron Murray, Room 5.53, Garstang Building, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT Telephone: 0113 343 7924

  • Contact: Aaron Murray
  • Ethical approval reference number: BIOSCI 13-025
  • Closing date for participants: 01 July 2015